FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: WotL v2.0.0 Mod APK for Android

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FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: WotL v2.0.0 Mod APK for Android

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: WotL v2.0.0 Mod APK for Android – Released in 1997 on Playstation One, the game instantly won the hearts of millions of players thanks to the inherent qualities of SQUARE ENIX, namely the excellent storyline, elaborated gameplay and good (for those times) graphics. Re-released in 2007 on the PSP, the game finally made it to Android, than we are unspeakably happy. Unlike the rest of the Final Fantasy series, FF Tatics is a strategy with step-by-step battles, where players play in turn and have unlimited time to think about their moves.

The game is made according to the popular recipe today. Show the player what it will be cool, conducting on the story line, which acts as a training. Then we deprive him of all or almost everything and force him to seek later, with blood or a donat of his former power.

Nevertheless, the game retained all the features of a full-fledged and high-quality RPG, including multi-level pumping of the character, an abundance of equipment and abilities, side quests and many hours of dialogue. This port is official, which means you will have a good and very convenient control, as well as the greatest possible stability.

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Next, we divide the gameplay into two parts: active battles in the execution of quests or PvP and the calculation of the earned loot in the home city. Naturally, there is no open world for this finale, but there are all aspects of success on the face, in addition to really beautiful graphics, stylish characters and dynamic battles.

However, this remastering of the classic comes with many new features, such as well-crafted graphics, cutscenes, new characters, classes, game modes and even a new translation for the story, which has suffered from errors in translating Japanese texts into Japanese. English. The War of the Lions is a turn-based strategy game in which you control a group of strategically placed soldiers on a three-dimensional scenario, resembling the chessmen. As in chess, each piece, or in the case, each character has singular positive and negative characteristics. The system of professions attributes to each function of personages unique special abilities, be they of attack or defense.

You can control the character through the joystick and buttons of strokes with skills. Setting for a fictional world is on the verge of an industrial revolution, robots and magic. Because here you can meet huge swords, large plasmometers, as well as a variety of mages, both support and attack.

The class of the protagonist allows you to choose, and then there will be a familiar set of brave warriors, whose strength is indicated by asterisks. The battles are really spectacular and require a quick reaction, since the enemy has attacks on the area, because where it is highlighted in red, there can not be standing there.

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FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: WotL v2.0.0 Mod APK for Android (665 MB)

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