Forward Assault v1.08.7 Mod Apk for Android

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Forward Assault v1.08.7 Mod Apk for Android

Forward Assault v1.08.7 Mod Apk for Android – a good clone of CS, in which we have to fight in different regimes and destroy our enemies with the help of firearms.

Forward Assault is a quality multiplayer shooter. The game is very similar to the classic Counter Strike. This applies to absolutely everything – the game has the same graphics, beautiful and realistic; the variety of weapons actually existing; unique maps; various colorful skins; multi-user mode in real time. In addition to the usual skirmishes, “team for team” in the game has a rating mode in which you can compete for special ranks, and there are regular updates.

Classics of first-person shooters: we split into two teams and fight until the last fighter. In addition, it is also possible to install bombs, which then the special forces must be neutralized in order to win. In general, everything we already know and nothing wrong with that.

Fight as the counter-terrorist CT team or the terrorist team and plant or disarm the bomb. Play strategically based tactical maps and bring your team to victory. You can also play a ranked mode in this new FPS shooting game, where you must climb the ladder and become the best player.

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In this respect, Forward Assault loses to its forefather: there are much fewer cards and weapons here. But all the most popular types of guns you can find here anyway: AK-47, M-16, Desert Eagle, etc. Locations are unique, but they are not enough here. Yes, and in terms of management game needs to be improved – jumping, moving and shooting is not very convenient.

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