Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld v1.3.2a Mod Apk for Android

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Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld v1.3.2a Mod Apk for Android

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld v1.3.2a Mod Apk for Android – The player will again plunge into the atmosphere of the underworld, but now the action takes place in New Orleans. The user needs to go through missions to move on the plot, but do not forget that you can have fun and yourself. After all, before the look – a huge free world, available for research. As a toy, you can use cars and tons of weapons, which only the user wants.

Crazy shootings, open world, complete customization of the character and cars, a bunch of different weapons and quests, a huge city with its own laws and plot twists – what else does a former player need? Meet the new part of the best 3D action game on android Gangsters: New Orleans!

The main goal – the capture of urban areas in order to form a criminal state, and Orleans will become its capital. Each quarter is unique and cardinally different from the rest, so playing will be insanely fun and interesting. And the mission will be pleased with the variety. But you can not relax after the seizure of the territory – there will always be wars for contesting the right to own property.

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The control system has also undergone changes: now the buttons appear only at the right time, the shelter system has been changed, and some interface elements (the icons are redrawn so that the user intuitively understands which button is responsible for that).

Motorcycle gangs, corrupt cops, and even voodoo sorcerers scattered through streets full of mystery and danger. Is that you? It will start from below! To become the owner of his own capital of crime … going over everything. AN OPEN WORLD FULL OF ADVENTURE AND CRIME • Shoot everywhere in story mode in various districts of New Orleans, each with its style and characters: from the French Quarter to the alleys of the mysterious Bayou. • AAA graphics and a sensational soundtrack to travel to this surrounding city.

Curiously, in this part, at the very beginning, the protagonist wears a clown mask, and after passing the first mission, the face editor opens, in which you can create a character in your own image, or choose a suitable hero from the presented ones.

New city, new people, new rules. New Orleans is not a place for onlookers and cowards. Life boils here, crime reigns, drug trafficking flourishes. To break into the crazy rhythm of the city will have to become part of it – discover the underworld, armed to the teeth. Drive cars, earn money, clear your way to fame and become the most dangerous and respected gangster of a huge open metropolis.

With each part, the graphic component takes a new step, and this one is no exception. Before the user is a true AAA-class project, which creates the image of the mobile game industry. Excellent graphics and detailing, an incredible level of drawing and great visual effects (for example, flying confetti from a clown car).

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On the sound and say nothing – the Gangstar series never suffered from problems with it. The game has great music and other effects. The Russian language is standard, but there are some problems with the subtitles (sometimes some hieroglyphs appear), although there are no such troubles in the inscriptions indicating the tasks.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld v1.3.2a Mod Apk for Android (930 MB)

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