Ocean Is Home: Survival Island v2.6.7.2 Mod Apk for Android


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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island v2.6.7.2 Mod Apk for Android

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island v2.6.7.2 Mod Apk for Android – The main character came to a deserted island, where he will need to show all his skills to protect himself from death. The territory is large, but quite deserted. To get around the whole island it will take at least half an hour of real time. But in search of resources, one does not always need to move to the depths, and also conduct a search of the coast. The sea often throws useful things to the shore, from which it is possible to build housing in the future. From time to time, boxes of supplies fall from the sky, making life easier on the island.

To get to a desert island is a dream and a terrible dream for any person. Together with beautiful landscapes and untouched nature, we are in for a real hell, because no food, no home, no outfit. Can you survive on the island or die of hunger? Will you become a dinner for wild animals or can you build a house and improve your everyday life? Learn it! Use materials brought out by the surf to begin with, create equipment, craft weapons and prepare your own food. Maintain the state of your character in the best condition and then you will have a small chance to become the first person who could settle and survive on an uninhabited patch of land.

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The player needs to monitor the protagonist’s needs: thirst, hunger, fatigue. You can always make a weapon from improvised means. Here comes to the rescue a handy craft. Differences from the system in other projects about survival there. We collect the necessary elements and click on the corresponding column in the workshop menu. The character can carry objects and food in a large inventory, hunt animals and explore the territory without any obstacles. The game has a change of time of day, which gives the event more atmospheric. There is an opportunity to keep progress.

“Ocean Is Home” is: – Island Survival – House Construction – Craft Items – Hunting – Graphics optimized for mobile devices – Island Survival Mechanics – Player Statistics System – Saving Progress. Warning: The game is in alpha testing. Disable shadows in real time and reduce drawing distance if you have low frame rate.

The project is at the stage of beta testing, so many elements are given or processed. You can observe some unpleasant glitches. For example, there is often a bug that disrupts the movement of the camera. The graphics are not bad, but the rendering range is small, because of what the trees appear right in front of the nose. There are no claims for optimization, nothing to slow down. There is a Russian language.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island v2.6.7.2 Mod Apk for Android (82.2 MB)

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