Pocket Mine 3 v2.7.2 Mod Apk For Android


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Pocket Mine 3 v2.7.2 Mod Apk For Android

Pocket Mine 3 v2.7.2 Mod Apk For Android – Pocket Mine 3 on android you will go on an unforgettable journey to the deepest caves on the planet, in which you will need to find lost artifacts that can open the veil of some historical events.

You will have an exciting adventure in the third part of the exciting game! Destroy the blocks to plunge deeper and deeper and explore all the secrets of this exciting world! Create stunning chain reactions, study craft and equip powerful equipment. Collect maps of underground structures, open chests with treasures, collect and sell rare artifacts.

The gameplay of the game is very similar to the “Doodle Jump”, only in Pocket Mine you do not raise, but lower down destroying the rocky rocks. In each level, you will receive money that you can spend on improving the pickax, buying dynamite and other devices for accelerated descent down to the gorge.

With matches limited by the durability of the pick, the player will have to touch the different blocks of land in the scenarios to destroy them, opening paths and discovering features, items, and equipment cards. Download for free and go through stages and challenges while improving cards and improving your gameplay! With a colorful and very lively look, Pocket Mine 3 is a fun arcade that features extremely simple controls, quite varied mechanics, and plenty of customization and character customization options.

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The game is very dynamic and you will not notice how to spend in it not one hour, in trying to get to the deepest part. In Pocket Mine on Android you can exchange found items with friends, participate in weekly tournaments, etc.

Pocket Mine 3 v2.7.2 Mod Apk For Android (58.9 MB)

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