Skyforce Unite! v1.8.0 Apk Hack Mod for Android

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Skyforce Unite! v1.8.0 Apk Hack Mod for Android

Skyforce Unite! v1.8.0 Apk Hack Mod for Android – First we have to create our character: choose a nickname, gender, face and occupation. Then distribute the statistics points, you can scatter them randomly.

Take on a mission from the association of hunters, explore the world and fight against monsters. Create your own team of mercenaries from the best characters with unique abilities. The development of your character through various training. Also, to fight monsters you can team up with other players.

Appear in a nice cafe for pilots and go to chat with the seller of aircraft – we need to buy air equipment. We buy a blue airplane, put it in the hangar, and from there we go to the first air expedition.

We meet in the air a strange couple – a horned bat and some kind of fairy fairy, who are obviously unfriendly. By the way, with us flies Ally Skylar, he will teach us and help in battle.

If a monster appears during an expedition, choose a card and attack! Are you going to use a recovery card? Maybe an attack card? Refine your strategy and fight wisely! Monsters feature wind, water, lightning or earth alignments, to choose a compatible weapon before taking on each enemy. Of course, the skills of each rider are also important. Develop your character with various training exercises, and learn new skills that will help you while exploring this dangerous land!

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Skylar destroys a bat, we shoot a fairy with a machine gun (that’s such a hard fantasy) and return to the base. We give the reporter an interview, spend the money received in battle for the upgrade of the aircraft and continue to plow the boundless air spaces.

Lovely bright pixel graphics – this is the visiting card of the company Kairosoft. As well, and the quality sound of the game.

Skyforce Unite! v1.8.0 Apk Hack Mod for Android (38.1 MB)

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