TEKKEN™ v0.4.1 Mod Apk for Android


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TEKKEN™ v0.4.1 Mod Apk for Android

TEKKEN™ v0.4.1 Mod Apk for Android – The plot is based on one of the stories of the original world of Tekken. Again, someone wants to take control of the planet, but the strongest fighters will not let this happen, because they will unite their efforts. The first such union was created by Jean Kazuya and Nina Williams.

Take on the role of master Dojo, fighting with the beloved fighters of the legendary TEKKEN franchise! Collect more than 100 characters with unique fighting styles. Unlock more than 20 unique tricks for each fighter. Create a team and challenge your friends and community online. Go through a single company, in which you are from the very bottom to the strongest rivals. Create special commands for performing unique missions.

Fights are very dynamic, and there is no thoughtless tapping on the screen, you need to reconcile the distance, accumulate forces for combo attacks, and do not forget about the rotation of abilities. The latter are presented in the form of cards, clicking on which character to conduct their own special attack.

WHAT IS YOUR NEXT STEP? • Collect over 100 characters with unique combat styles • Upgrade and unlock more than 20 unique special moves for each fighter • Battle out unique game modes including story mode, online missions vs. battles in the DOJO challenge and rotating live event challenges ! • Join the legendary fighter, Kazuya Mishima, while he fights his toughest opponent yet! Battle through a map-based campaign with unique encounters and skilled and powerful bosses.

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The framework of mobile versions of games has not disappeared anywhere. In the project, everyone is also recruiting their own deck with fighters, the strength of each of them is marked by asterisks. In the future, maps can be improved by increasing their overall power. In the battle there are always three cards with the characters involved.

According to the schedule, TEKKEN ™ outperformed many AAA + projects, and this applies not only to mobile games. Stylistics of heroes, backgrounds, special effects – everything here at the highest level. Musical compositions can be heard.

TEKKEN™ v0.4.1 Mod Apk for Android (459 MB)

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