Tower Conquest v22.00.15g Mod Apk for Android

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Tower Conquest v22.00.15g Mod Apk for Android

Tower Conquest v22.00.15g Mod Apk for Android – Introductory comics will show us how one peasant, having stumbled upon a mysterious portal, activated it. On the other hand, the undead came out and an epic battle broke out.

Our lock is located on the left side of the screen, and the enemy base is on the right. The main resource is mana, which is accumulated continuously. On it, we can hire peasants armed with pitchforks. Destroying the zombies, villagers crowd to the tower of the enemy and break it.

Take part in this fascinating strategy in search of eternal glory! Collect and develop an ideal army to destroy the enemy towers. Explore the infinite worlds and defeat the enemies to earn treasure, increase your strength, and have the superiority in the world league among the other players.

For the victory we get gold and a new kind of troops – the Black Knight. It’s a slow but very powerful fighter. After several battles, we raise our level and can improve the characteristics of our warriors and the central tower.

In addition, over time, we will get access to various spells like a fireball, freezing, etc. Sometimes from the opponents will fall different bonuses: additional gold, a tornado, allowing to push enemy troops back, etc.

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Tower Conquest will please us with a huge number of units, a variety of locations and the ability to create mixed teams. For example, instead of a black knight, we can add a zombie, a robot or even an alien.

A bright 2D picture, funny character animation, great special effects and a cheerful dynamic melody are just a small part of the advantages of this game.

Tower Conquest v22.00.15g Mod Apk for Android (102.1 MB)

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