War Groups v3.3.0.1F Mod Apk for Android


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War Groups v3.3.0.1F Mod Apk for Android

War Groups v3.3.0.1F Mod Apk for Android – In this game, we have to join one of the represented factions and capture the world of the Zone under our control. The choice of groupings is truly extensive: Stalkers, Duty, Freedom, Military, Mercenaries, Monolith, Pure Sky, Environmentalists, Zombies, Bandits and many others that we could meet in the original.

Take control of one of the groupings and capture important areas of the zone. Establish a connection between the territories, look for valuable artifacts and fight in real time with other gangs. Before you, the coolest strategy, which is executed in a minimalist style, which copies the once popular game Stalker. You are waiting for hundreds of locations, a variety of mutants and anomalies, a bunch of different fighters of unique classes and an advanced system of equipment.

Each faction has its own base, located on a certain location, its heroes and other unique features. After appearing on the global map, we need to hurry up as soon as possible to protect the base and gain new control points.

The units in War Groups have their own specification. For example, stalkers-scouts move very quickly around the location, but are only capable of fighting against weak mutants. But attack aircraft on the contrary can erase anyone from the face of the earth, but they are very slow because of their heavy armor. In the process of passing, we will kill mutants, pump out our detachments, search for artifacts in anomalous zones, join alliances with other factions, and slowly but surely expand their influence on this gloomy world.

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The visual side of the strategy is also copied from the original: the global map is executed in the form of a PDA. The objects on the map, the detachments and all the rest are executed schematically. A detailed description and appearance of the units can be viewed in a special section. Screams of bandits, growl mutants, sounds of shots and guitar – all this will seem familiar to you.

War Groups v3.3.0.1F Mod Apk for Android (145.7 MB)

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