Zombie Castaways v2.10.5 Mod Apk for Android


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Zombie Castaways v2.10.5 Mod Apk for Android

Zombie Castaways v2.10.5 Mod Apk for Android – Our amusing hero can not wait to become a real person and find his beloved girlfriend. But to turn into a man you have to work hard, thought the zombie. And began to cultivate a pretty tropical island.

We appear on the outskirts of the island next to the well. This well will from time to time give us the tools needed to clear the undergrowth and extract various materials. The axes are spent on cutting down trees, machetes, for harvesting thickets, etc.

Create unusual plants, fruits and flowers to prepare Zumbium. Build famous buildings, complete tasks and decorate your island to become Human and find your Love. In the game, you will find several zombies that will help you clean the island and build a city, like woodcutters, miners, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks. You can harvest dozens of unique plants, and create incredible potions.

The most interesting is that almost any object on the map, whether it’s a stone or a flower, can be “processed” and get from it some resource. All we extracted is in the warehouse. In the future, we will be able to use these materials in the construction of buildings or simply sell them.

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The game has a cute colorful image: everything is detailed on the island, from the grass to the buildings. A sweet animation of the protagonist and a nice soundtrack complement the overall atmosphere.

Zombie Castaways v2.10.5 Mod Apk for Android (59.7 MB)

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