Star Wars: Force Arena v2.4.5 Apk for Android

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Star Wars: Force Arena v2.4.5 Apk for Android

Star Wars: Force Arena v2.4.5 Apk for Android – So this is a new Star Wars game that’s out on mobile. Its a multiplayer game where you go against other people and destroy their base. I normally avoid battling against other people type of games, but this one is rather easy to play and not stressful.

You get to play as the bad guys or the good guys. Both sides you get two decks that you can make teams with. You assign one leader and 7 other cards that can be fighters, machines, aerial attacks, or effects. To get more cards you can either buy them in the Shop, or get free ones. The free ones come in 3 types: victory packs you get for winning, play packs with points you get for playing matches, and free pack that you get every 4 hours. The Victory pack only has 5 open slots and each pack has a timer. You can only start the countdown timer for one pack at a time but you can open them immediately by using crystals. With Play pack, you have to win at matches you get points. Once you’ve acquired the needed amount you can open it. Once you open it there’s a 21 hour and 20 minute timer. Another way to get cards is in the Shop. There will be 10 cards that you can purchase with Credits. These cards reset after a few hours so if you don’t see one you want you can wait. Legendaries aren’t in this though. You can also Trade cards by exchanging your cards with better ones. So you can exchange 10 common storm trooper cards for one rare card, or 10 rare cards for one epic. There are quests that you can complete to unlock new cards too.

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Star Wars: Force Arena v2.4.5 Apk for Android (61 MB)

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